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Thursday, 31 December 2015

For a Delicious Dinner, Restaurants in Indore are Your Best Bet

I am not ashamed of admitting that I am a big time foodie! I love my food, and I like it well made, tasty to the last bite, and served piping hot! After all, we live to eat right, not the other way ‘round! I travel a lot for work, and when I found myself in the city of Indore, in Madhya Pradesh, I decided to go on a food tasting spree. So even though the street food seemed tempting, I decided to play it safe and stick to what food my hotel could offer me.

I was Staying at Effotel, one of the largest hotel chains in the state. And I am proud to say that among all the other Restaurants in Indore, this is the one that is most popular. Locals and tourists flock to this place alike, with friends, family and colleagues, to dine on delicious dishes from all over the world. They do have a couple of specialty restaurants that ensure that you are served the absolutely authentic dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients and exotic spices.

I think this is why Effotel is considered one of the best Indore City Hotels, and why they are always full, even on weekdays. Add to that their absolutely seamless service structure and you have surely got a winner on your hands. I would highly recommend this place to everybody, no matter where you might be hailing from.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

An Energizing Stay at One of the Hotels in Indore

Having never been to Indore, I was a little skeptical about where I would stay! I have been to Bhopal, and my experience at a hotel there left a sour taste in my mouth. I let my assistant book my stay for me, so that I would not have to spare the effort to look for Hotels in Indore.

When I reached Effotel Hotel, I was surprised to see how huge it was! It seemed almost palatial. My welcome, by the front desk staff and the valet were absolutely delightful. I had no idea that Accommodation in Indore could be that great, because I thought it was a small city. Contrary to my belief, it turned out to be a metropolitan in the making, with many places of interest around the hotel. The hotel was a gorgeous one, with quite affordable prices. There were many restaurants in the hotel, and I tried all of them, going back to some of them time and again with my co workers. I stayed for two whole weeks, and by the time I left I felt like I was leaving my home. Hospitality like theirs is to be seen to be believed, and rest assured, I would be coming back to this place again and again, as and when work calls. But I have also been thinking of brining my family along for a weekend, and let’s see how that pans out. Until I write another review, you are sure to be pampered with aplomb.

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